Custom Standard Number Sign/Door Wraps/5 Window Decals

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Set yourself apart and get your top of the line Custom Number Sign from Engstrom Graphics!  With the sign order, you are also getting a matching pair of custom Door Wraps (the original!), and 5 Custom Window Decals!

A portion of every order is donated to JDRF on behalf of my daughter who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 4.  At the age of 6, she had asked how she can help other kids with Type 1.  Now 10, she donates the money each year to help other children with this autoimmune disease.  

Product Information:

Custom Sign: Your custom sign is made of high quality steel that is laser cut, and a 1 piece design for mounting purposes.  No drilling into the wrap or making a bracket necessary - these are ready to bolt on with Engstrom Graphics' original mounting bracket that has 5 equally spaced 1/2" holes to bolt on your sign.  Next, your custom sign is professionally powder coated to a finish to further protect your wrap and prevent rust formation. 

Others have adopted this same setup that Engstrom Graphics has used for over 15 years, but what sets us apart is our design elements, and the application of the best material combination in the industry (wrap material and one of a kind custom Engstrom Graphics laminate).  You literally can feel the difference and quality in our signs!

Door Wraps:  These are 100% custom to match your sign, or any configuration that you want.  Engstrom Graphics began the "door wrap" craze for demolition derby years ago.  Be Visible.  That is one of our mottos, and our professional design elements will ensure that your content is visible and not just something thrown together. This order includes a pair of door wraps (1 for each side of the car).

Window Decals:  These are great to put on your daily driver vehicle, fuel cell, tranny cooler, tool box, anywhere you can imagine!  Again - the difference in materials will be evident when these arrive in your box with your sign and door wraps. 

 From start to finish - nothing but the best materials are used from Engstrom Graphics.  See and feel the difference for yourself today! #engstromgraphics #type1tonone #neversettle #nomercy

***Once you place your order***

Please fill out the "Special Instructions for Seller" and complete your Name, Number, Colors, Sponsors, email and phone, as well as Date in which you would like your product.  Do not hesitate to reach out to us via email, phone, or Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram as well for any additional questions! 

Order Process:

Once you place your order, you will be sent an order confirmation via email.  With the information you provided at checkout, Engstrom Graphics will then start the design process and send you a custom proof to approve. Engstrom Graphics never goes into production until you see exactly what you want.  Once approved, your custom order will go into production and shipped out.

Thank you!