***UPDATE*** Supply Chain Announcement - SIGNS ARE IN!

June 20th - SIGNS ARE IN!  Got a partial delivery of my signs and rest are being completed this week!  All orders will be sent out ASAP!  Thank you! Please check your email for your 20% off offer. 

The past 8 months has been hard on our small business and our customers.  We understand these shortages and shipping delays have been causing plenty of frustration, both up and down the supply chain for anyone involved in any industry impacted by these delays. Engstrom Graphics strives to go above and beyond for all of our customers offering the highest quality materials and products. We understand that orders have been placed and are currently still awaiting arrival of your products.  We sympathize with these painful situations and are doing everything we can to fulfill orders when materials become available to us.  We have been in business for over 18 years and this has been our toughest stretch to date due to these shortages and extended delays.

As of early June, 2022 we are currently awaiting our custom 1 piece metal from our local metal supplier for our custom signs.  Additionally, parts for our machinery have been on back-order as well as our custom vinyl (we only use the best and specific brands - no cheap Chinese Amazon or eBay vinyl) and ink shortages.  We will NOT compromise quality of our products to get an order out the door.  

Currently, we are on track to get all past orders finished in the next few weeks while fulfilling all orders needed for Mid-June 2022 and beyond as long as our metal signs are delivered this week.  Our many manufacturers are trying their best to produce as much product as possible, given the limited raw materials they have on hand.

Manufacturers are struggling just like the rest of us in this vicious supply chain cycle. We have dedicated copious amounts of time communicating with our customers about the status of their order.  Please reach out if you have any questions about your order.

Again, our customers mean everything to us. We have spent money on reshipping and expediting the shipping process because of these numerous delays. Also, despite rising costs of all materials, we have offered discounts to our customers as well as an added thanks.  Ultimately, Engstrom Graphics would like to make it known that we do our absolute best to serve every one of our customers. Each situation is unique as every product is custom, and we will continue striving to bring the best experience and products to every single one of our customers. We continue to handle these difficult situations, and we will continue to vouch for them and stand behind the quality of our custom products.

In addition, please understand that our products and industry is unique.  We can not instantly ship items out the door when an order is placed.  Your products are custom and therefore take time to design and approve before production starts.  Many other vendors, also dealing with their own supply chain issues, can readily ship items that can be mass produced as soon as an item is ordered.  This is not the case in the graphic design/vinyl graphics industry.

We wanted to provide some insight into these ongoing supply chain and carrier issues in the hope to educate our customers so we can better serve you. We hope you understand and continue to support our growing industry as we will all come out stronger and together in the end.  We are looking forward to getting back to our normal turnaround times here shortly.

Thank you for your continued support!